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• 8/30/2018


Alguém sabe pra que Serve as missões de treinamento, pois quero saber se ajuda a aumentar alguém atributo do personagem.
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• 7/6/2018

Using Second Ability on PC

Any 1 have an Idea how i can use Second Ability ? i play Eternium on my PC and cant use a 2 Finger Tip
First Ability no Problem works fine with Mouse but for Bosses i need my Second Ability.
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• 2/2/2018

Champion Levels

What is the highest level you can be in champion Levels. I'm currently a Champion lv10 Mage and just wondering about it.
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• 11/3/2017

Min/Maxing armour stats

Is there any information about the max stats for all the armor pieces (Lvl 70 gear is probably the only interresting one)?

All I can find is the jewelry stats, which is great, but I'm also curious about the armor (=.
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• 8/25/2017

Please explain stacking

I've looked all over and really can't find a good explanation of stacking. What is it? Do I have to do something to stack? It seems like it should be simple but the complete information is hard to find. I have Mantels that are stackable. Please help.
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• 7/21/2017

Crafting time


I'm new here and i a wondering about the crafting time for gears. ( crafting new gear from existing gears)
It seems to increase every day, what is the limit ? How is this time calculated ? What's the max time ?
(currently at 1hour45 for one craft)
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• 7/21/2017

Warrior abilities

To everyone who's fellow editor out there and has time to edit warrior abilities, would have been grateful. We need new to add and reedit stats.
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• 6/12/2017

Help me

Once upon a time when I was going through mage trials when I destroyed the monsters I had summoned the skeleckon. Now I can not do that anymore, show me the way to do that again
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• 5/14/2017

Ironbound cape

Hi admin...can i register to ironbound game using my android phone? I want to get the cape but i dont have a pc:(
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• 4/17/2017


So, still waiting for expansion. In honour to the great work of our awesome developers, I will update the [[Future Teasers]] page soon with a slightly remastered information and links. Thanks for you acception.
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• 4/15/2017

May 2017

So, it has been nearly two years since multiplayer has been announced! Are you teased? Stay with us - we will be here. This may - best and biggest expansion the game ever had. Join us in adventuring through the wiki and let's edit together.

More information about the big expansion will be released soon. Also, I put there a promo video for the PvP into the main page. Look for it if you yet hasn't. Thanks fro your support.
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• 12/13/2016

Sheep level

I have one more question here.
LED use to be talking about, strange great farming level, which ones name refers to be sheep level. Even the admin was talking about it on forums, but no one wanna say what it actually is.
Anyone know to say, least about if it does exist or not?
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• 12/2/2016
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