The Bounty Hunters are ranged heroes, adept at destroying their enemies from afar. Masters of deception, they set up traps and use stealth to gain tactical advantages before initiating combat.

Hunting villains for a living during more peaceful times, they have now pledged to defend the realm against the dark forces tormenting it. And they do it for free; let’s say they consider the ‘tormented realm’ situation bad for business.

Bounty Hunters wield two handguns, one in each hand, which they can use to attack high priority targets with deadly precision, or, guns blazing, launch a hail of bullets to annihilate lesser threats. Or launch a hail of heat seeking missiles.

Wearing leather armor, Bounty Hunters are less resilient than Warriors, but they make up for it through good usage of their tactical abilities, better agility, and range.

Bounty Hunter is an offense-based class. He is, by his name, ranged. He can equip two Guns, same as Warrior can use two melee types of Weapons.

These two-paired gunmen are here to immediately eliminate Ragadam's servants and replace the area with their swiftness and speed. They have massively damaging bullets from their powerful pistols that shoot their enemies. These heroes are joining your tribe now! Early used as mercenaries, now fighting against evil.


  • Bounty Hunter is a ranged type of Hero class, and it has its pros and cons.
  • The first thing is that many players put the Piercing ammo ability on the wrong side, which is wrong. This ability is really similar to Arc lighting, from the Abilities of the Mage class. It lets you do higher damage at a single time and without some hard skill output.
  • As mentioned earlier. His skills are capped as much as to be able to deal more than 3000% of your Weapon damage. No other class has achieved such huge DPS stats just from skills.
  • However, Bounty Hunter can be easily defeated by the elite rangers. Rangers are one of the few enemies that create problems to your Bounty Hunter.
  • On the other hand, your Bounty Hunter can avoid the melee enemies well. Use the stun skills and your long range effectively.
  • Your Bounty Hunter can face Elban somewhat easily without many problems.
  • Movement speed helps the Bounty Hunter survive much better and output damage more comfortably.


  • He was added on 18, October 2016 after the Beta testing in the stores.
  • His best offense skills are: Frozen Trap, Headshooters and Rapid Fire. He can easily fight groups of enemies by comboing with Eileen's Vortex.
  • He has the least number of skills out of the three classes.
  • His best defense skill is Smoke Screen. Great when making your way through hordes of agressive enemies.
  • Many players mistook Bounty Hunter with "The Ranger class" which was Bounty Hunter in an early pre-alpha build. This class has been using bows and has had a completely different look.
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