Demeter, The Shattered World
Act 4, which consists of 15 levels, is a place not seen from afar. Only fragments of a world floating in space form this world. It's, somehow, teeming with life, not only that, there's some strange magical force holding these fragments of the world together. Whatever reason Ragadam tortured it for, is yet for us to discover down there.

Demeter, The Shattered World, is the fourth act in Eternium. It features two bosses, Garm, and as a act final boss, Kara. You can also encounter other mini-bosses in between these two major.

Demeter is currently the final act of the game.

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  • Demeter is by far the biggest Act of all current 4, in the level size and level amount.
  • Demeter was added into the game August 2018.