There currently are 3 difficulty levels in Mage and Minions: Normal, Heroic, Legendary.

Each one takes the Story mode to another affection where monsters became stronger and tougher, however the bosses are rewarded in this way less than normal monsters.

  • Normal difficulty: this difficulty in game is very easy and passable. It is mainly meant to explore the Story mode and take advantage of some basic levels, as well as loot - now you can use whenever you want to loot in Trials. Best level to complete normal Is 45 and more on. Elban seems to be pretty hard in this difficulty, when your hero yet grows stronger and needs to loot for many special gear.
  • Heroic difficulty: this difficulty is maybe even harder that legendary, but legendary do takes way more time. Heroic is bit hard till you will reach champion points, cause enemies gain level with you and that makes them balanced and still strong as you are. Players can have huge problems in act 1 - Road to Anderra, and Out of Nowhere. These missions can be more challenging cause there is a huge jump of enemy types (elite). After completing Act 2 it gets bit more easy, when you did achieved some gear and upgraded your basic skills and Abilities.
  • Legendary: the hardest difficulty in game. In takes longest time to complete. Your gear and Weapons should consist only of set items based upon your Hero class type. Enemies are max level cap they can be in this level and their buffs moves just same as enemies have in Trials 500+. Weakest class for this is most known Warrior, on other side your changes can highly from when fighting with ranged classes (Mage and Bounty Hunter buffed for DPS with unlocked a few of your Companions.


  • Legendary levels are maybe hardest for Warrior but he has changes when using his optimised skill build (leap).
  • In 2014 when there have been only 2 Acts (Elderath and Levania), difficulty levels has not been as growing in difficulty, but has been way harder to complete. After adding of Act 3 (Nirgal), the game has became more balanced and possible to beat these difficulties, followed with Act 4 released in 2017.
  • Bosses in Legendary can sometimes be easier than bosses on Normal difficulty. This is due your champion points and various improvements.