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Friends tab/page is a place to share your gear and weapons of all your heroes with your friends and other players. Each player, includes you, has his own Promotional code/firend code which can be shared with others on the Forums and any other page.

Heres a friend code you can use to get cash gems: VETE LOZE RUWU 2637

After playing and leveling a few times you will get a message in your in-game mailbox asking for the above code, use it by interacting with the message in your mailbox, then go to the letter in the mailbox and click the red gem icon (picture).

Others can add you and see your gear. Your gear is updated as soon as the game is synced back to the server.

You will receive rewards in way of gems, when 9 players do add you. Of course, there is not limited number of players that can add you, but rewards are limited. When you do add any player's friend code, you will be rewarded by only minor gold.


  • There are planned to be added multiplayer features in the feature, and the friends Tab will play a main role in this.
  • This page/tab was bugged pretty well and forced your device to close down the app. However the game update 1.2.14 has changed this and fixed the issues.
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