Garm is the mid-act boss in Act IV, Demeter. He hides in deep corridors of Map 46, Dragon's Crag. Being the only beast of his kind on this planet, he is the only way to obtain precious dragon blood , which is the source of power alchemists obtained to empower minions on the southern hemisphere of Demeter. Defeating the dragon ends the corruption.

Chronology Edit

  • Succeeding boss: Kara
  • Title/rank: Dragon

Story Edit


Abilites Edit

Garm's overall attack is based on shooting poisonous projectiles, leaving poison damage on opponent. He shares many similarities in his attack style with Broken Dragon, except for focusing on high LOH and different element magic.


Trivia Edit

  • Garm can be first encountered in Trials on trial number four. He appears repeatedly in the same sequence.
  • He is the only known male dragon boss in the game, being respectively the second dragon overall.