Gems are the items that give players opportunity to go further. They are rare and their changes to be looted from monsters are highly decreased.

Obtainable fromEdit

Gems can be looted from: Daily quests (20 for each), Monsters (change to get one is 3 to 4% from a single enemy), Rewards boxes (5 from each single video). You can also complete each level 5 times (on each difficulty and on each of your hero) to obtain certain number of gems.


Gems - the most important game's currency, used for unlocking Various locked points, chest slots, inventory slots, Companions slots and many more. If you run out of gems, you can still watch video adds for many additional ones. Gems are also used to obtain gold, by paying a certain cost of gems and obtained certain amount of gold. Next big aspect is Reforge. You can pay a few fee in order to Reforge certain stat on an item and obtain another one. They are always important and serves for unlocking most of your items. They also offers you to buy from the store, but the cost can be pretty high.


  • Earlier (2014 to early 2015) the availability to get gems for your hero was easier when compared to present day. You've been able to get more from completing and replaying each level.