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Gorgona is the boss of Level 6 - Misty Island. She can only appear in there, and the level itself requires a Dungeon Key to access.


Age of peaceEdit

Gorgona, a peaceful witch, that loved fauna of her island at the Elderian borders with seas. She came from water, an immortal creature with witched origins. Serving peace on the island and holding an unimaginable balance between her and that world.

Slaves for the Bare StoneEdit

Age of MadnessEdit

Tips & StrategiesEdit

  • Gorgona's attack pattern isn't very complex: She generally fights the whole time by launching slow-moving projectiles that deal very high damage, though she'll occasionally spawn tornadoes (around 1~3) that'll periodically deal damage to and slow down whoever is standing very close to them, and may randomly make either You or someone in your party fall asleep until they take damage.
  • Every time she loses 25% of her max HP (up to three times, first at 75% of her HP, then 50%, then 25%), she'll spawn five Acolytes that'll heal her and will become invulnerable until they're killed. It is recommended to use Area of Effect Attacks once this happens in conjunction with Eileen's Vortex to make short work of them. Alternatively, if you have skills on cooldown, you can wait until they're off cooldown to kill the Acolytes so you can use them as soon as Gorgona doesn't have the invulnerability shield any more.
  • Oddly enough, killing the Acolytes is more of a pressing matter on lower levels, as they heal more of Gorgona's max HP than they do on later levels, meaning they're much less effective if you can quickly lower her HP either with DPS or Burst from your abilities.
  • She's also vulnerable to Hard Crowd Control (e.g. Vortex, Charge) unlike some bosses like Elban or Magroth.
  • Keep in mind that you may need to get high amounts of Damage Reduction (mainly from Armor) and high enough Recovery (High Haste and Life On Hit) to survive her attacks, as she can easily kill you if you can't keep up with her damage; especially later in the game. Using apples are recommended in order to survive.


  • Gorgona is the only boss that has her story published by a fandom activity made by developers.
  • Gorgona was meant to drop only Legendary Items, as seen in the beta version.
  • Gorgona was way stronger in older versions of the game. After many nerfs, she can be defeated much easier than previous incarnations.
  • Her rewards are STILL, even after the Trials, one of the best in the game.
  • Misty Island is the level where you can fight only elite monsters (not including Gorgona, her healers, and skeletons the summoners can summon).
  • She has one of the greatest health points in the game (right after the Xenodon Giant).