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Home town is you hero's only place to rest and hide. It contains all the important gadgets, including additional Chest and advanced Store page.

Interactions Edit


Emerald: Crafting recipes
Ruby: Consumable trader
Morgan: Jeweler (Jewelry page)
Alice: Companions trader (Companions)
Alarion: Elder sage
Gornathan: Equipment trader 
Mitzu: Hoarder (trader)
Ingrid: Blacksmith (Crafting)

Buildings and pathways

Coming soon
Inn (Companions)
Gate to Adventure (Story mode and Trials)
Portal Shrine 
Chest (stash)
Salvage table (Crafting)
Coming soon
Friends column (Friends Tab)
  • Note: from left of the town map to the right

History Edit

  • On February 2017, it was confirmed that hero's home town will be featured in the game, releasing at the same date as PvP and Multiplayer features.
  • On March 2017, Admin revealed that the basic look of the town will be very similar to the original Diablo style, with portal system and many similar features.
  • In Summer 2017, development team revealed that work is officially finished and the wait is ahead - they've had lots of balance to do before releasing that big feature.
  • It was only later in 2018 decided that Home Town will come in the Summer of the same year, before online gameplay features.
  • In August 2018, Home Town officially entered opened beta version.
  • Since it's release, various NPCs were renamed or changed overall, such as Alice (originally called Asterion) or Ingrid (originally called Morf), Morgan (originally called PK-42)


  • This major content has been featured in early Summer 2018 and has been nearly released in parallel with Multiplayer and PvP game modes.