Jewelry page can be entered from the character menu after completing The Defiler (as of v1.2.15). It enables your hero to craft various rings and necklaces for you. These items gives you enormous bonuses. The best thing is that one can control what attributes he or she likes to put in. For example, one can craft a dps/survivability ring by combining power, attack speed, vitality and armor, for example. Although the first decent rings/necklace one should get is one with experience and/or extra gold, as items with these are hard to find early.

Crafting one requires gold (you get a random attribute every time) or gems (if you choose a specific attribute). The base cost of crafting is usually 30-40 gold (assuming you unlocked the Jewelry crafting tab at hero level 4-5)

To make jewelry better, you have to place three of the same quality (color) rings or necklaces in a row in your inventory page. Choose the option 'fuse', check for the attributes after making the item better quality and tap fuse. Fusing can only cost gold. Best quality you can have is legendary, same as with equipment.

There is also Fusion Rating. It shows the quality of your ring. Higher Fusion Rating is, lower you invested to the jewelry piece. In order to increase Fusion Rating you haves to place gemstones to the ring or necklace before fusing. Currently though, this has no real purpose yet.


  • While the game was in beta (year 2013 - 2014), the jewelry page was not available and rings, necklaces has to be bought from the Store page for medium price, based by your level. But now you cannot buy jewelry from the store.