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Level 3 - Marcus' Village

Marcus can be found in this level, where you can save him from Ragadam's undead in the northern tower (also called Black Tower). It is one of Elderath's local towns that has survived apocalyptic minions.


Mobs Include Skeletons, Skeleton Archers, Murloks, 3 Summoners, Reapers, 1 Skybreaker, and 1 White Healer.


  • 2 Small Chests
  • 1 Medium Chest
  • 1 Large Chest
  • 2 Locked Chests


  • This level is often farmed for the Murloks in the South West and East corridors to complete the Murlok Daily Quest.
  • If you start the level with Marcus already in your party, you will be treated to some witty dialogue.
  • It is the level, where you also save Marcus, and take him to your companion team.