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Mage is the offense-based class. Mages generally utilize DPS through the utilization of tactical skills and Abilities.

Mages, long-living rebels from the bottom of Elderath's villages are joining the battle. They use a wide variety of devastating nature-based skills to take down Ragadam's minions. Tactics like freezing enemies with a magic frost blizzard, or using the power of time manipulation to slow down enemies are common amongst mages. Shock, freeze and burn - the elements obey your will!


  • The mage class has the highest damage output out of the three Hero classes. High DPS and distance between yourself and the enemy are key to get the most out of your mage.
  • Best-known attack Abilities are the early skill Fireball and later unlocked Arcane Bolts. Arcane Bolts are way strong for the bosses in combination with Blink and Vortex. This can make your fight very easy. Just make sure you have your Arcane bolts at level 10 in order, when using Blink there, your damage will be twice as good.
  • When going head-to-head with Bosses with your Mage, your Companions don't play as huge a role as with Warrior or Bounty Hunter, but you'll still find them very useful. Tank Companions, such as Marcus and Norgrim, will keep bosses away from you, enabling maximum damage output.
  • Loot for set items. Every set has a specialised build with different bonuses and sometimes special gear effects, which will greatly improve your attribute values. Face Gorgona in the Misty Island to pick up the Arcanist set or run some Trials to acquire these items.

Trivia Edit

  • Mage was the first class added to the game (2 other classes were released later).
  • Mage is now the only class able to reach high-level Trials. Their Singularity Ability enables them to gather enemies and wreak massive havoc when used in combination with other offensive skills. The higher the trial, the more damage and time required to overpower mobs and bosses, but rewards are similarly rich.
  • The Mage's strongest ability/skill is Blink. It can triple your overall damage and makes you way stronger against large groups of enemies.
  • Mage's skills are nature-based, including (fire, ice and other spells on nature time).
  • The best defense ability/skill is Warp. It is great for the tactical boss fights.
  • The Mage class suffered huge nerfs in order to make balance between the three classes. From the time the patch 1.2.19 has gone live, his attack range has been highly decreased, as so, slightly increased in 1.2.22, however there is a huge drop from the previous attack range as it used to be. This was the easy way to buff the Bounty Hunter class, as developers considered. Now the Bounty Hunter class has the highest attack in the game (of all the Hero classes).