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Named Items are found as very rare drops from any enemy in the game. They each have a special ability unique to that named item. You are only able to find Epic or Legendary Named items - and the chance for the legendary one is half that of epic. The highest chance of dropping a named item is from Gorgona the mad witch.

They include random stats like normal items, and a % chance (random within a certain range) of something special happening. There are currently 10 known named items. Note that Named Items are not the same as Living Items and do not change level to match the character using them.

These items cannot drop from the summoned monsters, which include skeletons, merloks and any other types of monsters summoned by the higher ranked ones.


Mace: Elban's Scepter (chance to spawn an ally skeleton each time a monster is slain). 
Mace: Mukraiser (small chance to spawn an ally murlok toad when attacking).
Sword: Deidre's Resolve (small chance to hit twice when attacking, like Arcanist Set 6/6).
Tome: Necronomicon (chance to spawn an ally skeleton each time a monster is slain).
Pistol: Hailstorm (chance to gain 250 haste bonus when attacking). Highlight: green aura shining around hero.


Cape: Integralas' Mantle (chance to temp. buff ability rate on attack, stacks up to 5x).
Cape: Carnaval Cape (chance to gain 500 critical rating bonus. Occurs once every 60 attacks). Highlight: red aura shining around hero.
Cape: Ironbound Cape (chance to cast meteor rank 1 on an enemy/change to cast meteor shower rank 1 on an enemy).


Shield: Encrypted Shield (high chance to generate a damage-absorbing shield when blocking an attack).
Shield: Rylocke's Deflectors (chance to fire arc lightning when blocking an attack, deals damage scaling with your Damage Reflected stat).


Here are some in-game examples (level 60):

2016-04-04 20.41.28cr
2016-04-23 07.45.27cr
Encrypted shield
Deidre Resolve
Screenshot 2015-09-20-06-49-27


  • Named items have been added in 2015, as the special gear items.
  • Each named item offers a "Special Gear effect bonus" that can stack up by: it's level, it's quality, and random stats.
  • Even though Named Items are rare, their drop rate has been greatly increased in Update 1.2.32. See the Update notes for full changes. The drop rate of getting these is nearly 5 times better (mainly in trial levels).