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Information Edit

Important pages and notes about the wiki and some main stats of the game, like news and important updates.

Getting AroundEdit

The basic about the wiki and the game by itself, including the major pages.


List of the yet released, as well as the upcoming bosses in game.

Note: from first encountered to last, based by story.


Overall ways and challenges the player can expect from the game.

Player AbilitiesEdit

Abilities and skills of your heroes.

Items and GearEdit

The gear you can collect in levels Story mode/Trials, leaving some basic info and main pages about specific items.

Fighting and gameplay guidesEdit

Small examples of fresh strategies and tips to help you on the find, also included basic guides.


Others contains all pages that are different from the titles listed up. They are mostly formed from the in-game homes and pages.

Deals and offersEdit

Deals, offers and buyable gems for the game. The list below shows what the game has for you, including limited offers and time offers. All the offers has the 48 hours cooldowns after they are offered.