The Store is place where you can buy various stuff and gear that can help you on the battlefield. The Store unlocks when completing Marcus's Village, located on Elderath, the third level in game.

Available items Edit

  • Gear and Weapons: Qualities: common - for gold, uncommon - for gold, rare - for gold, - epic - for gems, legendary - for gems. Levels grow by your character level, same as the costs do. However by the gameplay, it's not really important to buy these items.
  • Gemstone assortment: You can buy single gemstone assortment for the cost of 99 gems. Your changes for better gemstones are same by each level. After reaching level 70, it's not bad to buy these items.
  • Potions and Apples: Can be useful to buy when facing strong bosses. When buying you will get in single: Potions: 3×, Apples:5×. Potions has a cost of 125 gold. Apple has a cost of 100 gold.
  • Companions: You can buy Companions in the store to make the gameplay more fun. Each has a cost of 500 gems. Available companions: Maggie the Potion caster, Ednar the Headshooter, Xagan the Blue Wizard, Norgim the Warrior. Each has his special skill and battle type. You can have 3 of them in your companion deck.
  • Gear chests:
  • Small treasure: has a cost of 2500 gold. You can get 5 uncommon or better items. To buy this treasure is useless, but helpful for lower level characters.
  • Medium treasure: has a cost of 75 gems. You can get 1 rare or better, 4 uncommon or better items. To buy this treasure is completely useless and avoid this.
  • Large treasure: has a cost of 150 gems. You can get 1 epic or getter, 2 rare or better, 2 uncommon or better items. Never buy these. You can get them from Daily rewards in the form of chests, and it's not important to buy also these ones.

Trivia Edit

  • Items in the store are renewed after playing ANY single level, or either you can choose the option to reset it for the cost of 10 gems. However to spend gems there is useless.
  • Items on sale - after playing any level, the items on sale are also renewed. There is usually only one item on sale, but sometime you have the luck for two or three. there an be only equipments on the sale.Usually it's only uncommon but luckily it can be better. If the item is on the sale, which is usually about -15% up to -90% of the original cost.
  • In 2014 there were not as many items to buy from store. You had to buy first only 3 Companions and no chests.